Poetry has been something I've wanted to reintroduce into my artwork for the longest time. If you've been here since 2017, you may remember my first ever Christmas cards which featured quirky poems. To this day, a number of people still ask me to do more or to bring them back. To be honest, I had so much fun creating those cards; I don't know why I've waited so long to revisit them.robin red breasts

nutcrackerPoems have always played a big role in my life. My nana used to love writing them during her adventures with grandad and would write them everywhere, from napkins to the edges of newspapers. Whether it was about the cheeky fox that raided her compost heap every night or a hairdressing salon name she found particularly funny, she definitely inspired my love for writing from a young age.reindeerGrowing up, I used to write little stories and come up with my own poems – something I loved but never thought I was that great at however recently when I find myself in a bit of a funk my fiance will send me a random topic to write a poem about which I've found  surprisingly cathartic. I think, as I see them as puzzles to solve it really takes my mind off whatever I'm worrying about for half an hour or so.santa line up

For me, writing offers a beautiful form of escapism, which, when paired with my illustrations, adds an extra connection and narrative between the paper and the viewer. Like many children, I was obsessed with Beatrix Potter, Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake. Growing up, I loved the combination of their quirky stories with the beautiful artwork, and I'd love to explore that more one day with my own artwork.three wise men

After experiencing some pretty life-changing events recently, I've gained a new perspective and come to the conclusion that life really is too short. Sticking to one thing aka my travel prints may seem like the best thing to do business-wise to retain a strong niche and identity but as an artist I also need to keep myself stimulated with new ideas, especially when I have so many bubbling inside of me.

christmas lenon

I'll always be a creative at heart, and as much as I love running my business, I find that business can sometimes overshadow the creative aspects of my personality. At the end of the day, there's a reason I chose to set up my own business: to have the freedom to choose how I spend my time and what I want to create.

christmas card

I hope you see this blog post as the beginning of a new chapter at Freya Niamh Design, where I try to let go of my preconceived restricted expectations and the need for perfection, sharing my creative journey with a range of new and exciting products, illustrations, and lots more poems.

Here are three new poems I wrote recently for my new autumn collection. I have the Trick or Treat and Autumn poems available as art prints.

autumn poem

 trick or treat poem

One more just for good luck haha...

spooky poem


I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and maybe even resonated with parts of it, don't be afraid to leave a comment. Until next time! <3

Hannah XOXO

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