Welcome to Freya Niamh Design!

I’m Hannah the artist/designer/orange squash lover behind the brand. Freya and Niamh are my middle names just to confuse things and I’m based in a small village near York in North Yorkshire.

I specialise in vibrant travel art prints illustrated by hand on my trusty iPad pro. My colour palette was chosen to be as uplifting and FUN as possible, showing some of my most favourite places in a more saturated parallel universe.

I hope you enjoy taking a browse through my collections and find the perfect stand-out piece of art for your walls.

Lots of Love X


I studied at Falmouth university for a year to get my art & design foundation diploma (the best creative year of my life), followed by three years at Northumbria university where I got my BA (hons) degree in interior design (the most fun years).

Before Freya Niamh Design.

After education I took a year off to plan for my future, living at my family home in the middle of  North Yorkshire the only interior design jobs going at the time were corporate office design, something that really did not appeal.

I always wanted to set up my own business, preferably in something creative that didn't need much money to set up, but at this point I wasn't sure what that would be.

So I decided to get a job at a local gin bar, go to some festivals do a bit of travelling and just explore my possibilities and next steps.

How it all started.

I began sharing my creations on instagram, trying out various styles from painting watercolour roses to illustrating digital portraits. I also started to freelance, getting brand work from a couple of local businesses. I found this experience with real customers invaluable to my design journey.

However it wasn’t until my friend asked me to design her wedding stationery that I realised what I wanted to do full-time. I loved the freedom and creativity illustrating stationery and prints had. 

I decided to get a job as an in-house graphic designer at a local company in York while I grew my audience, developed my brand, and got some more 'real-world' experience.

Freya Niamh Design has developed organically over the years and I've learnt a lot to get where I am now. 

Outside Freya Niamh Design.

When I’m not running my business I love swimming, being with my friends, interior design, going to art galleries, walking, and exploring the countryside.

I've also just bought a gorgeous 1920's mid terrace with my boyfriend that we're currently renovating, if you'd like to see how that's getting on click here.

For the good


One of my goals for 2023 is to continue evolving my business to reduce its impact on the environment. Currently my cards and prints are all packaged in biodegradable cellulose packaging with a recycled greyboard backing.

Last year I partnered up with Greenspark to plant a tree with every website order and to reduce a % of carbon emissions with every newsletter sign up. 🌿 

My latest Christmas card collection is now also made from 100% recycled silk paper fibres.

The future.

Although I’m currently Freya Niamh Design’s full time accountant, marketing manager, graphic designer, customer service/packager, illustrator etc I have plans to expand my team in the future with other like-minded creative people to help grow my baby and bring colour and style to even more unique peoples homes.

My long term goal is to expand my brand across the UK and to keep making lots of colourful, uplifting artwork.

The future looks bright. <3