Ah, the Barbie Dreamhouse, a timeless symbol of nostalgia, imagination, and style! For every millennial who grew up playing in the magical world of Barbie this pink paradise holds an irreplaceable place in our hearts. This month I decided to draw my very own Barbie dreamhouse, available in not one, but four colourways! 

barbie dreamhouse art print

The Barbie Dreamhouse carries a charm that takes us back to simpler times, reminding us of our creativity and wild imaginations. I won't lie; I had a weird little imagination. Watching my playtime growing up, you'd think you were witnessing a glam version of Jeremy Kyle with all the wife swapping (the trouble when you're lacking Kens to go around, haha).

A symbol of girl power and self-expression Barbie is the icon of the century. With her ever-changing career choices, she instilled a sense of empowerment that we could achieve anything we put our minds to. She taught us to dream big and dream without inhibition - which I don't know about you but I took very seriously. What do you mean I'm not a Barbie mermaid exploring shipwrecks with friendly octopi yet?

What better way to reminisce with friends than over a cuppa, sharing stories of the good old days of Barbie adventures? But don't blame me if you end up finding out who pinched your favorite Barbie dress.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, I hope a glance at this artwork will remind you to stay kind and respectful to your inner child, love yourself wholeheartedly, and keep working towards the goals your younger self wanted for your future. Place it next to your bed or on your dressing room wall as a daily reminder.

This Barbie Dreamhouse artwork is more than just a print; it's a time machine ticket to the days of our youth, a testament to girl power, and a conversation piece that adds a touch of British nostalgia to any living space.

So let's raise our teacups to the Barbie-loving millennial within us all, who continues to shine brightly in a world that wants us to dream, create, and embrace the spirit of childhood ambition. Cheers to the Barbie Dreamhouse, and cheers to the wonderful world of Barbie that will forever remain in our hearts!

In the words of Barbie herself 'You Can Be Anything'. <3

Share, if you dare, your favourite memories of playing with your Barbie in the comments below...

Hannah XOXO



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