The bathroom might not be the first place you think of for art, but it's a great spot for a touch of style. Here are some top picks from Freya Niamh Design to make your bathroom ooze charm.

bathroom wall art

1. Coastal Calm

This print shows a vibrant pink rockpool full of jellyfish, crabs, sea anemone, and shells. It's bold and nautical to spark the imagination while running that cosy bubble bath.

bathroom decor floral print

2. Botanical Bliss

Bring the outside in with this flower bouquet-themed print. It's fresh, tasteful, and perfect for any bathroom.

bathroom decor wall art

3. Coral Charm

Ever imagined exploring the coral reefs? Dive into a vibrant underwater world with this coral print. Bright and lively, it brings a touch of the ocean's magic to your space.

bathroom wall art, motivational quote art

4. "You Are Bloomin' Amazing"

Start your day right with this motivational quote print. Illustrated beautifully, it's a daily reminder of your brilliance and worth.

bathroom decor womans portrait

5. Renaissance Radiance

Get transported to another era with a portrait of a renaissance woman. The classic art style merged with a modern touch makes it an elegant addition.

bathroom decor king charles art

6. Royal Remembrance

Celebrate British heritage with a commemorative royal print. Whether it marks a special royal event or simply a nod to the monarchy, it's a regal touch for any space.

bathroom decor, port isaac art print

7. Port Isaac Cliffs

Capture the rugged beauty of the British coast with this depiction of the cliffs at Port Isaac in Cornwall. Perfect for anyone who yearns for the sound of waves and salty breezes. Or choose from one of the many other coastal locations I've drawn in my shop.

bathroom decor, blue tit cheeky print

8. Bold Bosom

Finally, if you're after a little cheekiness this blue tit print would be your perfect choice. Look closely to see an ample blue bosom perched on this free spirited bird.

Some Quick Tips:

  • Protection: Bathrooms get wet, so frame your prints with glass.
  • Balance: Use pairs or groups of prints for a neat look.
  • Height: Hang art where it's easy to see, both standing and sitting.

To wrap up, art isn't just for living rooms. With these top prints from Freya Niamh Design, your bathroom can look fantastic too!


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