'For millennia, interior design trends have been used as aesthetic aids in our attempts to find some sort of inner peace...' Elise Taylor, Vogue.

Interior design is something I've always been passionate about, I love the idea of creating a beautiful, cosy, environment to escape into. With that being said I thought I'd share some of my favourite interior design trends for 2022 to hopefully inspire your creativity this year. Let me know your favs.

1. Nature inspired and biophilic design. 

Definition of biophilic:

'the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature.' Merriam Webster

I feel like elements of this pop up each year however especially now, people are desperate to connect with nature again. With people stuck in their homes over the past few years, adding elements of the outside world inside can be hugely therapeutic. What could be more comforting than plants, earthy textures and familiar natural patterns inside the home? There's also an emphasis on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation.

 interior design trends 2022

Biophilic interior.


2. Sculpted furniture. When it comes to furniture in 2022 it's all about the curves. Designers are emulating pieces of art and sculpture in their tables, chairs and sofas, adding that extra bit of ✨ spice ✨ to the home. Is it a sculpture or is it an armchair? Sit on it to find out... I like alot.

interior design trends 2022

Sculptural furniture. 


3. Travel inspired. With the return of travel and exploration, the addition of pieces picked up abroad will be huge. Collect memories of your adventures to spark conversation with your loved ones and make a truly unique interior. I love this trend especially the addition of rich Turkish rugs and poufs.

interior design trends 

Travel inspired art trend.


4. Be bold. The swinging sixties and eclectic seventies are back. Bold patterns and colours are a big trend for 2022 with a huge throwback to the more colourful decades of experimentation. This one is definitely a big one for the pattern lovers. Layer up with textiles, wallpapers, prints, and ceramics as it's all about finding that sweet spot for your lifestyle.

interior design trends 2022

60's and 70's inspired interior.


5. Up-and-Coming Artwork “Art collections focused on up and coming artists and artists of colour. Gone are the days of high-brow art collecting dominating the scene. My clients are looking for fresh faces on the art scene. They also want collections that reflect the diversity of our world and the perspectives these artists offer.” -Daniele Colding


Lincoln art print, Freya Niamh Design


6. Grandmillenial but make it modern. “The ‘grandmillennial’ look that was slowly infiltrating influencers and taste makers in 2021 has now become more widespread, moving tastes back to a “more is more” look. But unlike our grandparents’ interiors, the feel is more curated with floral and damask-printed wallpapers becoming the backdrop for contemporary-shaped soft furnishings given an added touch of glamour with unexpected fringe and piping additions.” - Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

interior design trends 2022

Grandmillenial interior.


7. Following on from 'grandmillennial' mix it up! Materials, textures, styles, you name it. It's all about variety this year to create a super rich, yet comforting environment. More is definitely more, but that doesn't mean more clutter, be selective with what you bring in as the goal is to fill your home with beautiful yet functional items. Nik-naks for the sake of nik-naks are out, instead swap them for decorative items with a function, choosing cool candles over porcelain dogs for example unless of course you really love them. ;)

interior design trends 2022

Mix it up! 


8. Small multi-functional spaces. As people are adapting their lives to smaller spaces in the pursuit of freedom and independence, multi-functional small space designs have seen a vast improvement. From tiny homes, to city apartment living there's lots of exciting inspiration to make the most out of every nook and cranny.

 interior design trends 2022

Multi-functional spaces.


Not seen anything that tickles your fancy? Don't fret they're only trends at the end of the day. They come and go as fast as the sun rises, besides who knows you could pioneer future interior design trends with your own unique style. I personally pull out the bits and bobs I like and then make my own mix-match to suit my style and budget.

If you'd like to see some more images of trending interior design, check out my Pinterest board here: 
Interior Design Trends 2022

Let me know your favourite interior design trends for 2022 in the comments below.


Hannah XOXO


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This is a great article on interior design trends for 2022. I love how it covers a wide range of styles and trends that will be popular next year. I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas in my own home. Thanks for sharing!

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