To celebrate Pride month I've finally created a collection that I've had in my head for the longest time. Cocks, tits, and pussy's is a collection for the creative, playful, and flamboyant. Based on a funny story which I don't think I'll share publicly today but let's just say someone didn't quite find what they were looking for many moons ago on the old interweb. 

I'd love to eventually get these designs turned into fabric and wallpaper but for now I think they work perfectly as art prints to brighten up a dull wall or add to a growing gallery wall. So let's have a look shall we?

Pride art print cockerels

First up we have 'Cocks' a vibrant print available in two colourways of a pair of cockerels. This bold artwork would look great in a dressing room or bedroom paired with a bit of tweed or William Morris wallpaper. It's giving FAB-U-LOUS darling.


Pride rainbow art print home decorThen we have 'Tits' this pattern is based on a Christmas card I did early in my illustration career of a trio or robin red breasts. Look closely for a real treat. This blue tit design is a quirky addition to any home, an innocent drawing until inspected closely. In my opinion, the perfect spare bathroom decor to add a little humour while people go about their business. Also available without the birds as a vibrant rainbow rose edition.


Pride cat print, cat home decorLast but not least we have my fave four (I would say that as a cat lover) 'Pussy's'! This mischievous quad of kitty's already sit proudly on my studio wall with an array of colours and cheeky faces...


Pride pussy print, cat home decor
Pride cat art print
Cat wall art, pink cat decor


Let me know which you've got your eye on below!


Lots of love,


Hannah XOXO

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